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Bariatric surgeon

Obesity is often the result of our wrong choices and bad habits, such as eating in large quantities at any time without regulation or eating specific types of food with a lot of calories and fat. But other times, obesity is the result of genetic factors that we have nothing to do. These factors cause many people to become obese and easy to gain weight, and this causes severe discomfort and depression for the patient. Therefore, the perfect solution to get rid of obesity in a short and effortless period is by performing one of the bariatric surgeries. They have proven to help to lose a lot of weight and to treat the complications of obesity.

How do you choose the most appropriate process for you?
The choice of the type of process rests on the surgeon and not on the patient. The doctor is the one who determines the patient will respond to the Gastric Sleeve or the Gastric Bypass surgery. Most patients are good candidates for Gastric Sleeve, but there are some conditions, including:
1- The patient should be between 14 to 65 years old.
2- The patient should not be addicted to sugar.
3- The patient does not suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease.
4- The patient should depend on starches and carbohydrates in his diet.

If these conditions are met in an obese patient, he can successfully perform Gastric Sleeve surgery. If the patient is a lover of sugars and sweets, Gastric Bypass surgery will be the most appropriate, as it reduces the absorption of sugars and fats from the body.

A girl’s success story in losing weight after the sleeve gastrectomy:
Today we see a ray of hope for a girl who was able to overcome a problem that has always bothered her, namely the problem of obesity, which was causing embarrassment to the girl among her family and friends due to the increase in her weight and the difficulty of finding suitable sizes, a problem that all obese patients suffer from, in addition to being subjected to bullying too, So she decided to overcome her problem and started searching for different ways to lose weight and followed several diets, and these ways had a small result, but this result was not her goal. Therefore, that girl decided to resort to bariatric surgery after seeing many pictures of people who performed gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, consultant of bariatric and endoscopic surgeries, where Dr. Heikal's site has many success stories that managed to get rid of obesity and reach the ideal weight.

The doctor undergoes several tests and analyses to record the patient’s health condition, then measures the weight and height and calculates the body mass index through a mathematical equation, which accordingly determines whether the patient is suffering from excessive obesity and needs a bariatric operation or not. Then the doctor takes some accurate information about the patient's life, favorite types of food, lifestyle, and habits to determine the appropriate type of operation.

In this story, our friend performed Gastric Sleeve surgery, which helped her lose more than 30 kilos in just three months and continued to lose weight until she reached her ideal weight after nearly a year. This girl is no longer subjected to any bullying but has become more confident, brighter, and more motivated to live, and her performance at work has improved.

This story is a push forward for every obese patient who wants to change his life and improve his health.