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A new and younger character after Gastric Sleeve

dr Heikal Mahmoud

I used to feel like a heavy person in movement and thinking with the accumulated fat. I was suffering from an overload and a huge burden that I could not bear. I was suffering from lethargy and laziness due to the excess weight, which also caused joint, bone, and back pain.

I used to feel that I was an old person who could not move or interact with the activities that surround him, despite my young age. This enforced me to be isolated from my colleagues and my society, so my hours at home are too long, only full of different meals as it is my only resort to cheer myself up. Thus my weight increased more and more, and my problem got worse. 

I watched many success stories for obese patients who were able to change their future to the best with Dr Heikal Mahmoud; so I resorted to Gastric Sleeve surgery which saved me from excessive weight and obesity-related diseases either physically or psychologically.

After Gastric Sleeve surgery, I began to lose weight very dramatically in a short period, and my life turned from inactivity to activity. I started to live my real age and discovered a new personality inside me after experiencing everything I dreamed of. I started traveling with my friends for adventure, discovering new places, and experience all-new activities, and living the life that suits my young age.

I started to face my life with all energy and optimism as if I had gotten rid of my burdens and now I can challenge and confront.

Is Gastric Sleeve is an easy solution for obesity?
Gastric Sleeve is the password and the easy solution to getting rid of excessive obesity and related diseases. My life completely changed after this surgery with the best surgeon in Egypt, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud. He was following up on my condition himself before and after the surgery.

This magical surgery, through which a large part of the stomach is cut longitudinally, about 70%, and therefore the patient cannot eat the large quantities that he was accustomed to. So by the time, the patient gets rid of a lot of excess weight without any effort or fatigue. 

The most important thing is to follow the doctor’s instructions, whether related to the proper nutrition, according to each period after surgery, or the simple exercises required for each stage. Exercise plays an essential role in getting rid of excess weight because it reduces the occurrence of skin sagging and strengthens the muscles again.

* As we can see in the picture, the big difference in the figure and personality certainly after getting rid of the extra weight through Gastric Sleeve surgery with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, the best bariatric surgeon in Egypt. My life has changed a lot for the better and the change has appeared in my new self-confident personality, ready to work and live energetically and passionately.