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Anya from Russia defeats obesity in Egypt

J shaped Gastric sleeve

Obesity and overweight have a lot of negative effects on the psychological health of the patient. The obese patient is no longer confident in himself or the shape of his body. He withdraws socially, refusing to be present in any gatherings during which he may suffer from bullying. Day after day, he loses his self-confidence, also his entire professional and personal life are affected.

Now, these issues can be prevented because the patient can get rid of obesity easily and safely through undergoing bariatric surgery by Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, the best bariatric surgeon in Egypt.

Some people suffer from obesity because of the excessive intake of unhealthy foods such as starches and sugars, which causes an increase in the size of the stomach, so the amount of food consumed increases with no control over the frequent feeling of hunger. In this case, J shape gastric sleeve surgery by the most experienced bariatric surgeon in Eygpt, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, is the most appropriate solution.

How is the J shape Gastric Sleeve surgery performed by Dr. Heikal Mahmoud?
Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, consultant bariatric and endoscopic surgeon, minimizes the stomach to remain approximately 20% of its size and in the shape of the letter J. This is precisely what ensures that food is well absorbed and that no nutritional values ​​are lost. The patient will not need to continue taking vitamins or nutritional supplements for a long time after the surgery.

The part responsible for secreting the hunger hormone is also removed, so the result of the J shape Gastric Sleeve surgery is very satisfying for obese patients who suffer from binge eating.

How can the success of J shape Gastric Sleeve surgery be guaranteed?
1- Choosing the most experienced and skilled surgeon, and that is what you will find with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud.
2- Choosing the bariatric surgeon who applies all international safety and quality standards. All of which Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is keen to implement.
3- Patient's strict adherence to the instructions of Dr. Heikal Mahmoud before and after the surgery, such as:
- Stop smoking for no less than two weeks.
- Avoiding any hard effort until the complete healing of the wounds.
- Following the post-operative diet very accurately.

In these pictures, we can see our friend Anya, who came to Egypt specifically from Russia to get rid of obesity and excess weight, as her weight was 125 kilos, at the hands of the best bariatric surgeon in Egypt, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud.

She suffered from many health problems due to obesity, which affected her health and psychological well-being. The decision of the J shape Gastric Sleeve surgery with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud was easy; because he provides extraordinary medical service with international standards and results. After the surgery, our friend Anya's weight became 65 kilos after a short time.