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Bariatric surgery ends obesity after repeated births

repeated preganany and obesity

Overeating unhealthy foods filled with saturated fat is not the only cause of obesity. Pregnancy and repeated births are major causes of obesity for women, due to the hormonal imbalance during these periods, with the possibility of using pregnancy stabilizers whose main component is hormones.

After childbirth, most women fail to lose weight and return to the original weight by traditional methods such as following a firm diet or exercising constantly, which may allow feelings of depression and despair to happen. Therefore, bariatric surgery is one of the most successful and best solutions to permanently get rid of obesity.

Bariatric surgeries have varied and developed recently by Dr. Heikal Mahmoud to serve obese patients in all their cases, which are sometimes complicated due to the presence of chronic diseases associated with obesity. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is very keen to study the patient's condition well and choose the best surgery and technique that suits the patient to reach the best results.

It is important to mention that the success factors for surgery do not depend on the doctor only, but also on the obese patient. The obese patient must adhere to and implement all of Dr. Heikal’s post-operative instructions, such as strict adherence to the diet for bariatric surgeries.

What is the post-bariatric surgery diet?
The post-bariatric surgery diet is a regime that begins immediately after bariatric surgery and continues for 6 consecutive weeks.

What is the importance of the post-bariatric surgery diet?
The significance of the post-bariatric surgery diet lies in giving the stomach a chance to heal after the surgery and stimulating the body to burn fat and lose excess weight.

As mentioned earlier; The post-bariatric surgery diet consists of 6 weeks:
1- The first week: It depends only on drinks that should be transparent, filtered, sugar-free, and moderate in temperature.
2- The second week: It depends on full drinks such as dairy.
3- The third week: It depends on blender-whipped soups.
4- The fourth and fifth week: They depend on soft and mashed foods.
5- The sixth week: It depends on the usual food quality before surgery, but with the care of quantities reduction and the use of healthy fats instead of harmful fats.

The new life of the obese patient begins after the sixth week, accompanied by losing weight. The patient can eat what he desires, but in small quantities, because of the reduction of the stomach size that took place during the surgery while controlling the feeling of hunger.

In this image, we can see a mother who was obese due to pregnancy and repeated births. But she did not give up on the excess weight and went to Dr. Heikal Mahmoud; quite sure that she will be in the hands of a professional and skilled bariatric surgeon who will achieve an amazing result as seen in the picture after surgery.

She regained her health and fitness again, thanks to Dr. Heikal Mahmoud that has performed the appropriate bariatric surgery.