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Better life after weight loss

dr Heikal Mahmoud

Many things can change your life, especially if you want to change your life for the better. Your health is the first of these things that you should care about and put it in your priority always.

If obesity causes you to lose your health and turn your life to the worst, you should think carefully about getting rid of this problem to get a better and healthy life. 

If you had already started with traditional methods such as following healthy diets with a nutritionist or practicing different sports regularly and other ways like these, but you did not succeed in losing weight and reaching the desired result. It is time to think about the most secure and latest methods in the world of medicine, which is to lose excess weight through multiple and safe bariatric surgeries.

After failing to lose weight with the traditional diet, I decided to go for bariatric surgery:
My experience with bariatric surgery is one of the experiences that gave me impressive results after unsuccessful attempts with the traditional weight-loss method.

The traditional method is the beginning of the road to losing weight naturally, but it takes a long path and a lot of time and requires a strong will to follow up with a nutritionist, besides your commitment to exercise regularly while following this health system and you can not stop it to avoid the weight gain return.

Now it is the turn to talk about the latest medical findings, which are the safe bariatric surgeries to get rid of excess weight and obesity in a short time and without food deprivation. Bariatric surgery depends on getting rid of a large part of the stomach by cutting it into a J shape. This reduces the size of the stomach and thus satiates the person quickly and with fewer food quantities. Thus the patient loses weight easily and without deprivation. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is distinguished by this surgery which is called the J shape Gastric Sleeve. There are many benefits in this technique, such as the absence of the need to take vitamins for more than two or three months at most and the insurance of the no return to weight gain again.

There is another type of bariatric surgery that is suitable for those who love sugars and cannot dispense with them, which causes them to suffer from many diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. Here comes the role of Gastric Bypass that Dr. Heikal Mahmoud performs, which results in fewer sugars absorption from food, and thus the blood glucose level decreases and type 2 diabetes is eliminated. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud uses the latest 1.5 cm diameter staples, which allows food to wait in the stomach for a longer time, causing less hunger time and weight loss in a healthy way.

There are many bariatric surgeries and modern techniques that Dr. Heikal Mahmoud performs, such as the Sasi Surgery and the Smart Capsule.