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Celebrating my weight loss after Gastric Bypass surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery

My life before the surgery and the loss of excess weight was without celebration or going out or even being among people, my weight always prevented me from wearing the clothes I wanted to wear and I always had to wear clothes that could hide my body shape and dark colors that did not show my excess weight, All these were the cause of my depression and my loneliness.

But it is known that I am a strong lady and I make the decisions that always transform my life for the better. The decision to lose weight through the best type of bariatric surgery, which is Gastric Bypass, was the best decision I have ever made in my life. This surgery has transformed my life from inactivity, laziness, and lack of self-confidence into a life full of joy, activity, and vitality. This is my picture when I was celebrating New Year Eve in a slim shape and health.

What is Dr. Heikal Mahmoud's opinion about Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Dr. Heikal Mahmoud stated in one of his television interviews that Gastric Bypass is one of the best types of bariatric surgeries, as it has many advantages.

This surgery is characterized by reducing the amount of absorbed food, especially sugars and starches, therefore it can decrease the blood glucose level and, of course, eliminate type 2 diabetes, with significant weight loss in a healthy way.

Dr. Heikal Mahmoud advises all patients who suffer from obesity and have the inability to dispense with eating sugars to undergo Gastric Bypass surgery. Gastric Bypass is the appropriate surgery for such cases because it provides significant weight loss without depriving the intake of sugars, so it is considered a magical surgery for sweet lovers and diabetic patients.

What makes Dr. Heikal Mahmoud distinct and unique in Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Excellence in Gastric Bypass surgery performance means Dr. Heikal Mahmoud consultant of obesity and endoscopy. This is a result of Dr. Heikal Mahmoud’s use of the most accurate and latest technologies and tools in the Gastric Bypass, such as the use of fine staples with a diameter of 1.5 cm, and when we asked Dr. Heikal Mahmoud about the advantages of these thin staples, his answer was: The use of these staples reduces the connection between the stomach and intestines, which leads to the presence of food for a longer period in the stomach, which results in the spacing of periods of hunger and ensuring that you do not go back to gain weight again.

What about the feeling of pain after the bypass surgery?
The biggest fear of this patient was the fear of pain after the Gastric Bypass, but thank God, the surgery was performed without pain, as Dr. Heikal Mahmoud uses the latest technologies to overcome the pain after the surgery. The most important procedure is the use of PCA, which offers an accurately calculated dose of a suitable analgesic.