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Coming to life after bariatric surgery

consultant of obesity

Many believe that bariatric surgeries have no effect on obese patients. But the truth is that these surgeries make a big difference in their lives. The evidence is that I was one of those who changed their lives, or in other words, my life started after bariatric surgery.

I would like to talk about my life before and after undergoing one of the bariatric surgeries with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud consultant of obesity and endoscopy.

Before the surgery:
Everyone talks about being overweight and obese. But this is the only smallest and apparent part of the problem, or in a more precise sense, it is the cause that takes the patient into a closed circuit. This cycle requires a lot of continuous effort accompanied by psychological support to get rid of excess weight. Excessive weight causes many physical and psychological diseases. I was suffering from frustration and a sense of failure due to my physical and psychological inactivity.
- I no longer have the energy for a new day because I couldn't do everything I wanted to do.
- I no longer have the energy to start a new day with all that accumulated fat that stands as a barrier between me and my free movement.
- I no longer have energy for anything but only for eating freely again, and then my weight is getting worse than it is.

To get rid of excess weight, it is necessary to exercise with a firm healthy diet. And here lies the problem of breaking the closed circuit, as I do not have the power to exercise at all. Also, the only fun thing about my day is eating, so I can't stop eating either. So the closed circuit continues to spin until I decided to perform one of the appropriate bariatric surgeries for my condition.

After the surgery:
Bariatric surgery depends mainly on cutting a large portion of the stomach, and therefore you will not be able to eat the large quantities of food, as it was in the past. That is what happened to me. After the surgery and follow-up with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud and his nutrition team, I was able to stop eating the large quantities that I used to. I began to get rid of the accumulated fat, in a significant and noticeable way, through the first months after the surgery. And with taking vitamins and healthy food, I started a new life.

I started to go out with my friends at the top of activity and vitality. I started enjoying my day of sports and safari and everything I hoped to do once.
And most importantly, my psychological state has greatly improved and my energy is back again.

** Thanks to the best doctor in bariatric surgery in Egypt - Dr. Heikal Mahmoud - and his great medical team and the daily follow-up in everything until my new real-life began.