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Eman from Morocco after Gastric Bypass in Egypt

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Obesity is a disease that many people in Egypt and the Arab world suffer from. Obesity is not only limited to general appearance problems, but it extends to health status.

The pictures attached to the article show the great achievement that Eman from the State of Morocco achieved after undergoing the Gastric Bypass process with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud. He has many success stories because of his experience in various bariatric surgeries as well as Redo surgeries. He had a great role in encouraging Eman. So she achieved her dream, where she weighed 140 kilos before surgery and became 70 kilos, which means she lost 70 kilos of her excess weight in a record time.

Laparoscopic Gastric bypass:
It is one of the most common types of bariatric operations after Gastric Sleeve surgery. It targets those who suffer from both obesity and type 2 diabetes, especially those who love eating sweets and sugars greatly. In this process, the patient is subjected to general anesthesia and a pocket is made with the stomach. Then this pocket is connected to the small intestine, about a meter and a half away, where the first part of the intestine is bypassed. This helps to reduce the absorption of sugars and some nutrients. The operation is performed laparoscopically through 4 small incisions in the abdominal area that do not exceed 2 cm. Also, the hunger hormone is eliminated so that the person feels full quickly after eating meals in small and limited quantities.

Is Gastric Sleeve surgery suitable for diabetic patients?
The Gastric Sleeve operation is preceded laparoscopically, but the difference is that it is done through 5 openings in the abdominal area and about 70-80% of the stomach size is cut, which is accompanied by getting rid of the hunger hormone or ghrelin, without interfering with the small intestine as happens in the Gastric Bypass. Therefore the Gastric Sleeve surgery does not reduce the absorption of sugars, as occurs after the gastric bypass operation. But the gastric sleeve operation is more suitable for carbohydrates and fats lovers, especially those found in fast food such as burgers, French fries, and pizza.

Expectations after Gastric Bypass:
1- Gradual decrease in blood glucose level.
2- Dispensing diabetic medications and insulin injections after time.
3- Losing about 50-70% of excess weight after about a year.
4- Healing from other complications of obesity such as shortness of breath, arthritis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Will the person after bariatric surgery feel lazy and weak?
This information is incorrect because, after the operation, the patient must follow the prescribed diet, especially in the first three months. In addition to his commitment to certain vitamins and nutritional supplements that will be continued for a long time, to compensate for the lack of absorption of some nutrients as we mentioned earlier. So the person does not feel any weakness or laziness and begins to live a new and normal life full of vitality and activity and can do some exercise to avoid sagging skin.