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I became another one after the J shape Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

I hesitated a lot before deciding to perform a gastric sleeve surgery, but many reasons prompted me to take that decision, the most important of them is to stop many serious diseases. Yes, I am too young to enter those maze of diseases that may lead to the end of my life, and it is not surprising if I tell you that obesity and excess weight are the cause of the appearance of those diseases in my life. 
But I did not surrender to those fears and decided to preserve my life and kick these diseases out by losing that extra weight through the most famous bariatric surgery, the Gastric Sleeve with J shape, performed by Dr. Heikal Mahmoud. After few months, I got rid of obesity which limited my life, and have reached the ideal weight. So I am ready to continue my life with better health and more youth.

Did you know that there is a difference between Gastric Sleeve surgery and J shape Gastric Sleeve?
In fact, No, I used to hear a lot that Dr. Heikal Mahmoud performs the Gastric Sleeve surgery with a modern and innovative technique, but I did not know what the difference is between it and the original Gastric Sleeve, and whether it is more beneficial? I asked Dr. Heikal Mahmoud all these questions when I met him in the clinic.

During our discussion, he simply explained to me, that the Gastric Sleeve with J shape is cutting the stomach in the shape of the letter J and leaving the part consisting of muscles responsible for absorbing vitamins and the necessary elements of food, and thus after losing weight, I will be in good health and do not need to take vitamins for more than two or three months, and also I will not suffer from hair loss or even the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, yes this surgery offers me to lose weight with good health.

My next question was about what if the weight gain occurs again after a J shape Gastric Sleeve?
Dr. Heikal Mahmoud’s answer was quick and impressive, as he explained to me in his simple way that one of the most important advantages of the J shape Gastric Sleeve surgery is to ensure that weight gain will not return after the surgery. That is because Dr. Heikal Mahmoud performs a double gastric sleeve. Therefore the weight gain does not occur again.

Did life get easy after Gastric Sleeve J shape?
Excess weight and obesity make all things difficult in life, making you suffer from the simplest things such as back pain, joints, and difficulty climbing the stairs, and also make you lazy and unable to go out among your family and friends, so everything seems difficult and requires effort, But after losing weight and getting rid of obesity, your body is light and you become ready for life, going out and gatherings. Of course, life will become more beautiful and easier after losing weight through Gastric Sleeve.