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I live my age and love life after bariatric surgery

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My life almost ended with excessive obesity due to excessive fat accumulation.
The accumulation of excess fat causes many diseases that may hinder your ability at a young age.

Many diseases are related to obesity, such as:
- Elevated blood glucose level
- High level of cholesterol in the blood.
- Hypertension.
- Depression.
- Breathing difficulties, especially at night.
- Insomnia and difficulty sleeping at night.
- Joint, bone, and back pain.
- Stomach cancer.
- Stomach ulcer.

These diseases make the obese patient feel helpless, powerless, and unable to engage in activities and hobbies appropriate for his current age. Then the patient enters the stage of severe depression that may reach the situation that the patient tries to end his life.

But bariatric surgery may be considered the best solution in these cases because it helps to get rid of excess weight significantly in a short time. The patient's psychological state improves with a noticeable improvement in his health and physical condition.

What are the types of bariatric surgeries?
There are a lot of techniques that are called bariatric surgeries as a result of technology and constantly evolving science. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud consultant of obesity and endoscopy, helps you to choose the most appropriate type. The types of bariatric surgeries include:

First: Gastric Sleeve surgery:
In this technique, the surgeon cuts a large portion of the stomach that exceeds 70%. And thus reduce the amount of food by 70%. And this surgery is done through incisions in the abdomen, about 3 or 4 openings. However, with the development of technology, the surgery is performed laparoscopically through openings that do not exceed 2 cm. And also the Bikini Sleeve is done in the bikini area, which makes the surgical wounds invisible.

Second: Gastric Bypass surgery:
Through this technique, The stomach is diverted by bypassing a large part of the intestine, so the sugars will not be absorbed from the food. This technique is the ideal solution for obese patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes which is related to excess weight.

Third: Sasi surgery:
This technique is the combination of Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass surgery. And It is performed by cutting a large part of the stomach with bypassing a part of the intestine. This surgery is the ideal solution for critical cases that suffer from obesity and many related diseases.
It is also the appropriate solution for everyone who has a body mass index above 30.

* As we can see in the picture, the big difference between before and after bariatric surgery was performed by the greatest bariatric surgeon in Egypt, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud. And also with the help of the doctor's medical team to overcome all the difficulties and to respond to all inquiries.