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I was free from x-large sizes after Gastric Sleeve

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Handcuffs do not exist only in prisons, but also in life. When your body restricts you to wear a certain shape or size of clothing, this is called restrictions. When your body shape restricts you to wear only dark colors to hide excess weight and obesity, also it's considered life constraints.

There are many other limitations caused by obesity and excess weight, which makes you unable to live, wear and go out. You must get rid of these restrictions but in all safety. So how can this happen without deprivation?

Are there solutions to get rid of obesity restrictions without deprivation?
Yes, medicine offers advanced and safe bariatric surgeries that have become the best solution to lose weight safely and without complications. This also depends on your choice of a bariatric surgeon who is more experienced and skilled like Dr. Heikal Mahmoud. He proves his success and skill by showing pictures of previous cases that have succeeded in losing excess weight after bariatric surgery and enjoyed a better life.

How did that girl get free of obesity restrictions?
I am a girl like any girl who loves beauty and dressing, but it was hard to take care of myself and my clothes before going out because of my excess weight. I made several attempts to lose excess weight, such as following a healthy diet with a nutritionist and exercising regularly, but the deprivation remains and the weight loss is not noticeable. So despair overwhelms my life, I returned to my first life habits and my excess weight, so I lived in a circle, the first of which is excessive weight and the last of which is the depression and lack of self-confidence. One day I found a lifeline that saved me from those restrictions that could have led me to a dark path and a life full of fatigue, failure, and diseases, yes, if I underestimated the disease of obesity.

It would have kept me from countless diseases, but thanks God and to Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, who performed the latest technology in obesity surgery for me, which is J shape Gastric Sleeve, and thank God I lost my excess weight and my life became different in health, activity, and discovery after a significant weight loss with no weakness.

I was also afraid I'd come back to gain weight again, but Dr. Heikal Mahmoud reassured me that would never happen. As in this modern technique, I performed a double gastric sleeve to ensure that there is no return to weight gain again.

Also, the J shape Gastric Sleeve technique protects the hair from falling and prevents the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. That is because Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, in this technique, cut the stomach in the shape of a letter J and leaves the muscle part responsible for absorbing vitamins and the necessary elements from food, and this is the reason for losing significant weight without the appearance of the body in a way lean or weak.