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Lose weight easily after bariatric surgery


I was suffering from obesity and excessive weight until I was unable to move due to the accumulation of fat in excessive amounts. And surely, everyone who suffers from obesity will not be able to do any exercises or even a simple movement. Therefore, we will talk here about the difficulties that obese patients face to get rid of excess weight, based on real people's experiences.

Journey of an obese patient to get rid of excess weight:
At first, the patient decides to follow a healthy diet to lose the accumulated fat. Indeed he succeeded to loses some kilograms at the beginning of the diet. But when the patient continues this way, his weight loss rate gradually decreases on the scale, and then he loses hope and does not continue with the health system. While other cases can't resist eating the foods they love, so they don't continue on the strict diet.

Some patients begin to participate in the health club to exercise and lift heavy weights as a solution to increase the rate of burning and get rid of excess weight. But a lot of obese patients failed to do that. This is because the excess weight causes a great load on the bones and joints, and therefore the patient cannot practice any sport because of severe joint and bone pain, which he may experience during his practice.

The patient returns to the nutritionist again to try again with a new healthy diet. But he is surprised that losing that large amount of excess weight requires more and more time, which may take a year or two of hard effort.

At this point, the obese patient loses hope in getting rid of the excessively accumulated fat. We find some who tend to excessive amounts of sugars to get rid of frustration and a sense of failure. Unfortunately, many obese people develop type 2 diabetes.

The trend to bariatric surgery:
Recently, social media is used extensively. This helps the obese patient to search for an easy and safe way, to lose excess weight and reach the ideal weight with a complete health state.

The patient reaches the magic solution with the bariatric surgery that helps him get rid of all the accumulated fat without any effort or fatigue. Through the surgery, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud cuts a large part of the stomach, including the tissue responsible for the secretion of the hunger hormone. Thus the hunger hormone is eliminated; the patient does not feel hungry again. And he can get rid of the accumulated fat very quickly without any effort, fatigue, or feeling deprived of food.

* As we can see in the pictures of our friend, a clear difference between his state before and after bariatric surgery with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud consultant of obesity and endoscopy.