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Mohamed defeated diabetes by Gastric Bypass

overweight and diabetes

Aging is natural and must happen, but getting older with the risk of obesity is an optional thing that you can get rid of. In this article, we can see Mr. Mohamed, 53 years old, underwent Gastric Bypass to lose weight and get rid of diabetes that almost ended his life. 

If you prefer that your life be full of achievements, it is better not to let obesity hinder you, as obesity ends the dreams of many who chose to surrender. But with bariatric surgery, you can achieve what you seek without the need to make a lot of effort.

Mr. Mohamed managed to overcome obesity and lost more than 50 kilograms because he decided to perform Gastric Bypass surgery that transformed his life into a brighter world, thanks to Dr. Heikal Mahmoud. The choice of the surgeon is the most important factor in the success of the operation and Mr. Mohamed’s choice of Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is the best. 

Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is characterized by his extensive experience in bariatric surgeries and this experience he gained due to his hard work. Moreover, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is interested in all-new research and studies to keep pace with modern scientific techniques, such as the endoscope, the microscope, and the modern staplers used to close the wound in the sleeve operations. These modern devices made the process easier and in a shorter time and without pain or complications as before.

What is laparoscopic Gastric Bypass surgery?
Gastric bypass is a bariatric surgery that depends on reducing the size of the stomach and linking between the dome of the stomach and the intestine after passing 2 meters of the intestine. 

Here, the food has two paths. The first path is the natural path through the stomach and the second path is the link between the dome of the stomach and the intestine directly. As a result, the eating ability is reduced due to the small size of the stomach, moreover, the food absorption from the intestine is reduced.

Advantages of laparoscopic bypass surgery:
There are many advantages of Gastric Bypass surgery that make it superior to Gastric Sleeve surgery, such as:

1- In Gastric Bypass, a connection is made from the dome of the stomach to the intestine without cutting any tissue from the body, no stomach or intestine parts are removed. Therefore, if the patient wishes to end the operation, the link is cut. Wherein the gastric sleeve operation, more than 80% of the stomach volume is removed. 
2- Experiments and studies have proven Gastric Bypass's ability to treat type 2 diabetes in proportions exceeding 96%, other than Gastric Sleeve, which helps treat diabetes at much lower proportions.
3- Gastric Bypass helps in speeding up weight loss and is suitable for all degrees of obesity.
4- Gastric Bypass is considered a safe operation without risk to the patient's health.
5- Treating the patient from complications of obesity, such as high blood pressure and bone and joint problems.
6- Gastric Bypass is considered the best choice for obese patients who suffer from GERD.
7- Gastric Bypass is done laparoscopically without surgical opening, pain, or bleeding.

How does Gastric Bypass surgery help cure type 2 diabetes?
The Gastric Bypass process helps cure diabetes by reducing the amount of food and the absorption of sugars in the body. As the first part of the intestine that is bypassed is responsible for absorbing sugars and fats in the body. It also helps in stimulating the production of insulin in the body and reduces its resistance.