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My confidence returned back

Bariatric surgeries

The lack of self-confidence is the most thing that can harm a person psychologically and physically. It is the result of several reasons, the most important and prevalent of which is obesity, as happened in this case. The excess weight has become an obstacle to enjoying his life from going out, wearing the clothes he wants, and in his practical life. 

Yes, self-confidence is a large part of success in practical life, if we discuss the reasons for the lack of self-confidence due to obesity, we will find that obesity can also kill any family relationship between a father and his children. That is because excess weight causes laziness, lethargy, and difficulty in movement, so as a father, you will stay away from any activities that your children do, such as going to school every day or going to sports training in the clubs on the weekend, and you will escape from those trips and thus may be away from your children in most of their lives, so what is the solution? Will you give up your role as a father or will you look for the best solutions to lose weight and enjoy spending more time with your kids?

What is the best way to get rid of obesity and spend more time with my kids?
Obesity is the reason for your suffering from lack of self-confidence, as well as laziness, lethargy, inactivity, and not spending more time with your children, the best solution for you is to move towards safe weight loss through one of the various kinds of safe bariatric surgeries.

Obesity surgeries have become more widespread recently due to the impressive and rapid weight loss results without effort. With the advent of the latest technologies and international tools, bariatric surgery has become faster and painless, and the recovery period is very short, so in most cases, the patient returns to his daily and practical life after bariatric surgeries within days.

What is the difference between life before and after bariatric surgeries?
My life became different after losing this huge weight through Gastric Sleeve. After a simplified explanation from Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, the best consultant of obesity and endoscopy, my reaction was Yes Doctor, this surgery is the right one for me. So, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud performed the gastric sleeve surgery with J shape as he is specialized in this unique gastric sleeve technique. 

In this surgery, the surgeon cuts a large part of the stomach in the shape of the letter J, leaving the part of the muscles responsible for absorbing vitamins and the necessary elements from food. The result is a significant weight loss in a healthy way and without the need to take vitamins for more than two months or more. 

The J shape Gastric Sleeve surgery ensures that the weight is not increased again by double-sleeving the stomach. Now, my whole life is confident has become full of confidence, activity, and vitality.