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My shape becomes younger after the J shape Gastric Sleeve

J shape Gastric sleeve

The dream of every girl and woman is to enjoy a slim body and good health, but excess weight or obesity may stand in the way of that dream. Some of them lose hope in achieving it, but with the emergence of safe bariatric surgeries, the dream of having a slim body and good health has become easy to achieve. But the question remains, what is the appropriate surgery from the various bariatric surgeries for my condition? And what does the skilled surgeon depend on choosing the appropriate surgery for each case?
What are the factors that assist the skilled surgeon in choosing the appropriate bariatric surgery for each case?
Firstly, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, consultant of obesity and endoscopy, will meet the patient and ask for all the required x-rays and medical tests, to check on the health condition and know the chronic diseases which the patient is experiencing.

Secondly, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud will measure the weight and height to calculate the body mass index, to decide whether you need to undergo bariatric surgery or not.

Thirdly, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud discusses with the patient to identify his eating habits, the type of food he cannot discard, and the cause of weight gain.

Fourthly, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud presents the different bariatric surgeries to the patient and how they are performed, as well as the advantages of each of them.

Fifthly, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud begins to select the appropriate bariatric surgery in agreement with the condition. For example, Gastric Bypass is the appropriate bariatric surgery for overweight diabetic patients due to excessive sugar intake, that they are unwilling to dispense with sweets. In Gastric Bypass, the absorption of sugars from food is reduced, so the blood glucose level decreases, the patients get rid of type 2 diabetes and lose weight significantly and safely.

But if the patient suffers from constant hunger and eating in large quantities, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud will recommend Gastric Sleeve surgery. Because, the surgeon cuts about 80% of the size of the stomach, so its size decreases, and the hunger hormone is removed, so the patient is satisfied with fewer food quantities and drops in weight remarkably, healthily, and safely.

Is weight loss after Gastric Sleeve surgery noticeable and safe?
When the patient asks this question, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud’s answer is always simplified with a picture of a previous case in which a gastric sleeve was performed in his own way, which is the J shape Gastric sleeve technique. In this case, the patient lost a lot of weight in a healthy way and without the need to take vitamins for more than two or three months at most.

The advantage of this technique is to cut the stomach in the form of a letter J, leaving the muscle part responsible for absorbing vitamins and elements necessary for the body from food, and in this technique, a double gastric sleeve is done to avoid returning to weight gain again.