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Rehab Al-Qadi loses 44 kilos after gastric sleeve surgery

success story

One of the most things that reduce a person's self-confidence, especially in women, is weight gain, which turns into obesity. When a person reaches this stage he feels depressed due to fatigue from the least effort, lack of freedom to choose his clothes, and absence of life enjoyment because obesity has become an obstacle in his life.

In this case, a person resorts to many attempts of diet regimes and going to the gym to lose weight and become more energetic and active, but unfortunately, many of them fail in this and did not achieve the desired results. There is no need to despair because science and medicine are advancing day by day, and there is a solution to get rid of obesity through bariatric surgeries that have many types. The type choice is based on the Body Mass Index and the health status of the obese patient.

As we can see in the pictures attached to this article, she is among the special cases that got rid of obesity. Rehab Al-Qadi was 120 kilos and is now 76 kilos. Rehab was able to lose 44 kilos of excess weight in a record time after she resorted to the Gastric Sleeve surgery with J shape with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, who decided that this type of operation is very suitable for her condition after examining her and reviewing all the tests and X-rays. It is well known that Dr. Heikal Mahmoud achieved many successes with many different cases in Egypt and the Arab world because he helps to encourage the patient and reassure him and explain to him everything that will happen during and after the operation, so that they can achieve the ideal weight dream.

J shape Gastric Sleeve:
This surgery is a candidate for lovers of eating starches and fat-rich food and not for sugar lovers. The operation is performed laparoscopically through 5 openings in the abdomen. These openings are so small and soon disappear after the surgery.

J shape Gastric sleeve is cutting about 70-80% of the size of the stomach, this removed part contains the hormone ghrelin or a Hunger hormone, and the stomach becomes smaller in the form of a J shape. Then Dr. Heikal Mahmoud staples the stomach with the latest staplers and performs a leak test with Methylene Blue dye to avoid leakage of digestive juices from the stomach to ensure the absence of any complications and protect the patient from endangering his life.

What distinguishes the J shape in the gastric sleeve operation?
1- The person is healthy without weakness.
2- Dispensing vitamins after only 3 months.
3- Maintaining hair density and protecting it from falling.
4- Maintaining the skin health and elasticity with no appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
5- Never return to gain weight again.
6- Feeling full from least food amount.

The required examinations before the J shape Gastric Sleeve surgery with:
1- Complete blood count (CBC).
2- Electrocardiogram (ECG).
3- Chest x-ray.
4- Levels of sodium and potassium in the blood.
5- Level of Thyroid-Stimulating Hormones (TSH).
6- Liver and kidney functions.
7- Lung function.