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Sally lost 82 kilos through Gastric Sleeve

dr Heikal Mahmoud

Obesity has left many of its patients despairing after repeatedly trying to get rid of it by exercising and following strict diets; but all in vain. Most patients do not realize that obesity is a disease that needs treatment by a skilled bariatric surgeon with the appropriate choice of bariatric surgery.

Is excessive eating is the only cause of obesity?
The answer is no! Excessive food intake is not the only or primary cause of obesity as is commonly believed. Obesity has many reasons, including overeating, but also:
- Hereditary or genetic predisposition: An obese mother has children who are genetically ready for obesity. 
- Hormonal imbalance: during puberty, pregnancy periods, or upon contraceptive use.
-Reduction of burning or metabolic rate: the patient may not exceed the allowed calories per day, yet his body lacks the ability to burn those calories.
- Psychological stress and the use of food as a discharge of negative energy through excessive eating.
- Sleep disturbances and not getting enough sleep each day.

Here comes the role of bariatric surgery and its various types, and in this article, we will talk briefly about Gastric Sleeve surgery that changed the life of Sally completely.

Gastric sleeve surgery:
In Gastric Sleeve surgery, approximately 80% of the stomach volume is cut, leaving only 20% in the form of a sleeve, and this small part is the new food receptor, accompanied by the removal of the tissues responsible for the secretion of the hunger hormone. 

With Dr. Heikal Mahmoud the most skilled bariatric surgeon in Egypt, the Gastric sleeve surgery is performed exceptionally to give the patient the best possible result. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud cuts the stomach to make its final shape like the letter J and not the sleeve, ensuring that the patient benefits from all nutrients and vitamins.

J shape gastric sleeve surgery by Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, the best bariatric surgeon in Egypt is an unprecedented development of the usual gastric sleeve surgery, as it gives the patient the ability to control the quantities of foods eaten and control the constant feeling of hunger. In addition to taking full advantage of all the dietary values found in food, the patient will not need to continue taking vitamins after surgery for more than three months only.

Through these images, we can see how our friend Sally managed to lose 82 kilos, more than half of her weight, by  J shape Gastric Sleeve surgery, by the innovative bariatric surgeon, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud. After weighing 150 kilos, she is now 68 kilos. She has finally regained her life and health completely, and she became free, energetic, and graceful with her new weight and shape, which has restored her self-confidence.

Now our friend Sally is in her best health condition and has begun her new life without obesity or its complications; She just started her life with endless opportunities and possibilities.