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The journey of Mohamed Sami with Gastric Sleeve

success story of Gastric Sleeve

Everyone has a unique and unforgotten journey, such as success stories in studying or in sports tournaments. One of these successes is a person's journey to get rid of excess weight that has made his life completely stopped from enjoying it and practicing the simplest things normally.

Getting rid of obesity is not related only to different diet regimes and sports, because many fail in them, especially if the increase in weight is tremendous. For this reason, many people resort to bariatric surgeries.

In this article, we see the pictures of Mohamed Sami, who is one of Dr. Heikal Mahmoud's patients who was suffering from a weight of 155 kilos. After the necessary examinations, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud nominated him for Gastric Sleeve surgery. His weight became 85 kilos, meaning that he lost 70 kilos after a record time.

What are the complaints of obese patients in their daily lives?
1- Back and joint pain while walking or using stairs.
2- Shortness of breath and snoring during sleep.
3- Gastroesophageal reflux disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
4- Fatigue and permanent lethargy from the least effort.
5- Commitment to medications for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart diseases.
6- Lack of freedom to choose clothes because large sizes are not readily available.
7- Lack of self-confidence and desire for social isolation due to being bullied.
8- Inability to participate in simple activities such as bicycling and horse riding.

Does Gastric Sleeve help get rid of all these complaints?
The gastric sleeve operation certainly helps because it helps the person get rid of the hunger hormone. About 70-80% of the stomach size is cut through the endoscope and stapled with the latest staplers, so the person feels full quickly from the least meal and goes down weight in record time without any complications on kidney or liver function. Gradually, the body’s functions improve in general. Also, when performing the tests, the results will look better than they were before the operation, in addition to his feeling of constant activity, increased self-confidence, and the improvement of all health problems.

Does the thyroid gland and vitamin D have a role in weight gain?
Yes, some people gain weight quickly despite their small meals and may reach obesity. The analysis of thyroid hormones, which are T3, T4, and vitamin D analysis, revealed the decrease in the percentage which reduces the rate of burning fat in the body, in addition to some other complications such as weakness, lethargy, dry skin, hair loss, memory impairment, and depression.

And after bariatric surgeries, many studies have shown that thyroid functions have improved, and the burning rate has become much better, in addition to taking appropriate treatment to elevate the vitamin D level in the blood. Thus the overall health and psychological condition improve and help balance the burning rate parallel with thyroid function.

Is there a difference between Gastric Sleeve and Bikini Sleeve?
Sleeve gastrectomy is performed through 5 incisions in the abdominal area, but the bikini sleeve is done through the bikini line where there is no chance of any signs or surgical wounds in the abdomen. But Bikini Sleeve is not suitable for a tall person, because the bikini line is far from the stomach and technically it will be complicated. But in the end, whether it is a traditional Gastric Sleeve or a Bikini Sleeve, it ends with cutting a large part of the stomach and removing the hunger hormone.