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The victory story over the excess weight

no leakage in bariatric surgeries

When the obese patient is too young or in his prime life, the excess weight is too annoying for him, as obesity stops his life and prevents him from achieving any positive steps in his personal or professional life.

He cannot enjoy his life or any activities with his friends, as his excess weight acts as a barrier between himself; and everything he loves.

Therefore, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud consultant of obesity and endoscopy took upon himself the responsibility of helping obese patients in their journey to get rid of obesity, so he devised many successful techniques that have proved the effectiveness and became distinguished in bariatric surgeries, such as:

1- The J shape technique in the Gastric Sleeve:
Dr. Heikal Mahmoud cuts the stomach in the form of a letter J instead of a sleeve. This allows good food absorption and the benefit from its nutritional value without the need to take vitamins or supplements long after surgery; only for a maximum of three months.
The J shape technique allows the patient to get rid of obesity and maintain his general health.

2- Gastric Bypass surgery:
Dr. Heikal Mahmoud uses 1.5 cm thick staples instead of 6 cm. This difference in thickness provides the patient with a greater and longer sense of satiety; which helps him successfully lose weight and reach the ideal weight easily.

Are there complications of bariatric surgery?
Yes, there are some complications. Bariatric surgeries are like any other surgery. However, its complications are limited and easily avoidable.

Examples of such complications:
1- Leakage:
Leakage can happen if:
- The bariatric surgeon is not sufficiently experienced and skilled, and he lacks the techniques and capabilities that guarantee the application of international safety and quality standards.
- The patient is not committed to the doctor’s instructions regarding not eating foods that are not allowed in the first weeks after surgery.
Thus, you can avoid the leakage problem, by choosing Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, the best bariatric surgeon in Egypt, and adhering strictly to his post-operative instructions.

2- Bleeding:
Bleeding during bariatric surgery can also be avoided by choosing Dr. Heikal Mahmoud for his long experience and his use of the best techniques and devices, that allow safety standards to be applied and do not allow any errors to occur during surgery.

3- Infection:
An infection can be avoided during bariatric surgery by choosing Dr. Heikal Mahmoud as your doctor because he is keen on the latest and best global sterilization devices that have proven their efficiency over the years.

In this image, we can see the great difference between before and after the surgery. Our young friend was suffering from extreme obesity that almost missed the opportunity to celebrate her graduation from her university. It is also obvious how Dr. Heikal Mahmoud chose the best bariatric surgery that suits her. This surgery has given her the best results and helped her reach her ideal weight at the perfect time.