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The weight loss of Noha after Gastric Sleeve

dr Heikal Mahmoud

One of the most common factors that can cause a person to become frustrated, depressed, and lose his self-confidence is obesity, which has become one of the most prevalent diseases in recent times due to several different factors, including:
1- Hereditary factors as a result of specific genes.
2- Following wrong habits, as eating excessively without a specific time or eating at late hours.
3- Eating a lot of sugar.
4- Relying on fast food and soft drinks as basic meals.
5- Inactivity, laziness, and lack of exercise or walking daily.
6- Sitting for long periods at work, as many motorists or employees who work at offices become obese for sitting for long periods without movement.
7- Some medications may cause obesity.

All these causes may lead to obesity, which has several serious complications that threaten the patient's health.

Complications of obesity:
It is well-known that obesity causes high blood pressure, heart attacks, and diabetes. But there are other complications less known, which most patients do not care about despite their cause of serious consequences, including:
1- Arthritis, especially the knee joint and back vertebrae, because of the increased load on these joints, which causes roughness in the joint. Over time, the joint cartilage is eroded, and the erosion may reach parts of the bones. 
2- Strokes, where the incidence of strokes increases among obese patients than others.
3- Infertility in men and low pregnancy rates in women, where obesity causes an imbalance in the body’s hormones responsible for the sexual organs. The result is a decrease in sperms' number and mobility in men and problems in the ovulation process in women.
4- Obesity causes mental health problems and depression in some patients.
5- Breathing difficulties and sleep apnea syndrome.

All these complications result from only one problem, and by getting rid of that problem, you can get rid of all these complications. In this article, we will tell you the story of Noha, who was one of the obese patients. She managed to get rid of obesity through one decision, which is Gastric Sleeve surgery.

Noha’s story and her decision to undergo Gastric Sleeve surgery:
Noha was suffering from excessive obesity and tried a lot to get rid of excess weight in various ways. She even followed some diets that prevent eating the majority of food, but without a satisfactory result. But after knowing Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, consultant of obesity and endoscopic surgeries, and after being informed of her condition, lifestyle, and preferred type of food, the doctor decided to perform a Gastric Sleeve surgery. After the surgery, Noha was able to lose more than 45 kilos in about five months, and she is continuing to lose weight until she reaches her ideal weight.

What are the advantages of Gastric Sleeve surgery?
What is distinctive about Gastric Sleeve surgery is that it is an easy, safe, and successful process with very high rates and guaranteed results, as it ensures the patient's rapid weight loss. Among the advantages of the sleeve gastrectomy process are also:
1- It does not need a surgical opening, only small laparoscopic incisions.
2- It offers better results with less pain.
3- It needs a short recovery period.
4- It treats all complications of obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis.
5- The patient feels full from the least amount of food he eats.

You can now contact Dr. Heikal Mahmoud Center to do all the tests and perform one of the bariatric surgeries such as a Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass and start losing weight.