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We have many success stories with obese patients. That is because we are distinguished by studying the case in detail and carrying out all the necessary tests to reach the final important decision, which is the most appropriate operation for this patient, as the success of the surgery depend on several factors:
1- Choosing the best, most skilled, and experienced doctor in bariatric surgeries.
2- Performing all necessary tests to determine the most appropriate operation for the patient.
3- Testing the efficiency of the equipment and its sterilization.
4- The competence of the medical team that will follow up with the patient after the operation.
5- Patient Compliance with the instructions of the doctor.

At Dr. Heikal Mahmoud Center, all procedures are taken and patients are followed up accurately to reach the best possible result after the operation. For example, we have a young Arab man who traveled to Egypt to perform a Gastric Sleeve surgery with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud.

The life story of young Arab suffering from obesity:
This young man was suffering from excessive weight gain, which was causing him embarrassment in the community and some other health problems as he suffered from knee joint inflammation because of the increased pressure on it. So he decided that he would not continue in his life in this way, so he traveled to Egypt and chose Dr. Heikal Mahmoud to perform a Gastric Sleeve surgery. The operation was successful in that the young man lost more than 50 kilos in a short time.
His life changed as he became more confident in himself, his general health improved, and he recovered from arthritis.

Who are the best candidates for Gastric Sleeve surgery?
Gastric Sleeve surgery is one of the most famous and successful operations, which has proven its ability to eliminate obesity and excess weight in a short time that does not exceed a year. The secret behind this success is the ease of the procedure and its suitability for many obese patients. 

It is a partial stomach removal surgery, as about 80% of the size of the stomach longitudinally, which ensures the removal of the parts responsible for secreting the hunger hormone and those most prone to stretching, which ensures that the stomach does not expand later and return to weight gain again. 

Gastric Sleeve reduces the person’s ability to eat foods in large quantities, so the amount of food decreases, and thus the rate of burning fat in the body increases.

The Gastric Sleeve surgery is considered an easy operation, especially with the use of the surgical endoscope, which facilitated the operation and made it safer and with the least possible pain and with higher success rates, without complications or extended recovery period after the operation. The laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve helps to lose weight quickly as the patient can lose more than 60% of his excess weight after only 6 months of the operation and can return to his daily life activities after several days of the operation.

The gastric sleeve operation is suitable for many obese patients, provided that the patient’s age is between 14-65 years, whose diet includes many starches and carbohydrates. Gastric Sleeve surgery is not suitable for obese patients who eat sugars in large quantities.

You can make your decision to undergo bariatric surgery and change your life for the better.