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Anesthesia in bariatric surgeries

dr Heikal Mahmoud

Feeling pain is a feeling that everyone seeks to avoid, especially the pain resulting from surgeries, as many patients postpone or refuse to undergo important surgeries such as bariatric surgeries just for fear of pain.

But the obese patient should be well aware that obesity can take anything and everything of value in the patient’s life, his physical health, psychological health, and even the possibility to live freely like everyone else. So the bariatric surgeries are essential.

The patient must choose Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, the best bariatric surgeon in Egypt, who is distinguished by his care about every aspect of bariatric surgery, unlike other doctors who are only interested in performing the surgery without providing the best possible care to the patient.
The obese patient needs psychological support because he is afraid of the pain of bariatric surgeries, so Dr. Heikal Mahmoud sought to apply the latest pain-relieving techniques to help him reach his ideal weight with the least possible pain.

What are the modern techniques that Dr. Heikal Mahmoud applies to relieve the patient’s pain in bariatric surgeries?

1- To start bariatric surgery, the consultant anesthetist will give the completely appropriate dose of anesthetic to relieve the patient’s pain. This dose is calculated very accurately, taking into account the patient's weight, general health status, the presence of any chronic diseases, or his sensitivity to anesthesia.

Because of the importance of the anesthesia step and the need to apply it correctly and effectively, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud was keen to include the best consultant anesthetist in Egypt for his surgical team to achieve the best results and to provide comfort to his patients.

2- The use of the PCA device which is installed through the cannula and contains a highly effective analgesic drug and is accompanied by a controller. The device remains with the patient in the first days after the bariatric surgery, which allows the patient to control the pain by pressing the control button whenever he needs a dose of the analgesic.

3- The abdominal nerve injection is the most recent technique used to relieve pain after surgery. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud applies it with the help of the anesthesiologist using an ultrasound device. The nerves are located very precisely and then injected with an anesthetic that lasts for two or three days after bariatric surgery, which allows the patient to rest and get rid of the pain.

These techniques can be applied in all different bariatric surgeries with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, such as J shape Gastric Sleeve, Bikini Sleeve, Banded Gastric Sleeve, Mini gastric Sleeve, Single-Port Gastric Sleeve, Gastric bypass, Sasi bypass, and Redo bariatric surgeries.

Pain resulting from the bariatric surgery is controlled with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud consultant in obesity and endoscopic surgery; In addition to achieving a tremendous result of the surgery, and will ensure the final elimination of obesity and all its complications.

Now you can make the right decision to get rid of obesity in a healthy way with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, with the appropriate surgery.