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Childhood Obesity

overweight during childhood

Childhood obesity is not a rare disease, but on the contrary, it is one of the most serious health problems that affect children worldwide. 

The main causes of childhood obesity:
Improper nutrition:
One of the most important factors causing obesity is the child's reliance on high-calorie foods such as takeaway meals, white flour products, sweets, and sugar-rich juices. This high amount of calories are not consumed by the body but stored in the form of fat in fatty tissues, which are difficult to burn and get rid of later.

Decreased physical activity:
The wrong habits acquired by the child reduce the rates of burning fat in the body, such as: sitting to watch TV or playing video games for long hours, without practicing any sports.

Psychological factors:
Many children resort to food as an escape from boredom and stress. Then after gaining weight, they are subjected to severe bullying from their colleagues, which increases their frustration and depression and pushes them again to continue their desire to eat, which puts them in an endless vicious cycle.

Family factors:
It is natural for a child to suffer from overweight as a natural sequence for his presence in a family that follows wrong eating habits, or suffers from obesity, perhaps for genetic or hormonal reasons inherited in the family.

Social and economic factors:
The chance of obesity increases with the limited resources of obtaining appropriate healthy food, and lacking good places to exercise well increases.

Complications of obesity in children:
An overweighed child suffers from many social and psychological problems as a result of his different appearance from the rest of the children who share the same age, with his inability to participate in many of their activities that require movement and activity. Also, he is subjected to bulling that decrease his self-confidence and self-esteem, which causes him depression, makes him an introverted person, and unable to participate in social activities.

Obesity in children makes them more vulnerable to many health problems, whether at present or during the future stages of their lives, such as:
- Type 2 diabetes.
- High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
- Elevated heart attacks and strokes risks during different stages of life.
- Bone and joint pain.
- Breathing problems.

Treatment of obesity in children:
Many solutions that can help solve this problem, but often the child reaches a difficult stage to deal with, so bariatric surgery is one of the most effective solutions. Bariatric surgeries with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud offer quick solutions to significantly lose weight and improve the child’s health condition, which encourages him psychologically to continue and overcome many of these problems, as his confidence increases when he sees himself again resembles those of his age and becomes a normal child again.

Bariatric surgery has provided obese children with a quick and effective solution in saving both their lives and their childhood. Do not hesitate to make the decision to give your child the opportunity to practice his childhood again and continue to grow and live normally and healthily.