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The Bariatric surgery is better than obesity

no fear with bariatric surgery

Many people fear bariatric surgery and prefer to continue with obesity, regardless of the consequences and health damages. But here we will discover people's fears, whether they are fake or real, and how to overcome them to reach the ideal weight.

What are the bariatric surgeries fears?
Many people are afraid of undergoing bariatric surgery because of fear that the operation may fail or the occurrence of any anesthesia-related problems, infection, or any unlikely bleeding. But this fear is no longer present because many studies have proven that the success rate of bariatric surgery reaches 98% of cases, after the development of technology and modern devices, taking into consideration the selection of a specialized surgeon with long experience and a well-equipped hospital with the latest  types of equipment and staplers.

How to get rid of bariatric surgeries fears?
If you are one of those who are afraid of taking the step of bariatric surgery, the first step you must take is to admit that feeling “fear of bariatric surgery” in order to get over it.
And take the rest of the steps towards achieving a healthy weight and a healthy life.
And then you can take some simple steps that reassure you and help you make the right decision for better health, free of accumulated fats.

First: Research and Reading:
Here are a lot of things that you need to know and read about. You can search for the definition of baraitric surgeries and their types with the advantages of each bariatric surgery and how to benefit from them. You can also search and find out the time of the recovery period, the duration of the surgery, and what the latest devices that make the surgery safer are.

You can also search for pictures of obese patients before and after the surgery, knowing that the surgery changed others' lives for the better.

Second: Choosing an experienced doctor:
The modern bariatric surgeries performed using new technologies require the long experience and tremendous skill of the surgeon. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, a consultant in obesity and endoscopic surgery, is the best bariatric surgeon in Egypt.

You can now search for the best surgeons in any specialty you need, which means here the bariatric surgery experts, with the development of electronic search methods, reading their career history and comparing between them, as well as questioning about them through social media sites.

Third: Taking care of your will and searching for a source of psychological support:
An obese patient who suffers from a fear of bariatric surgery most likely needs someone to talk to and be the source of psychological support to encourage him to take this step.
With the development of medicine and the attention of doctors to psychological support, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud chooses a psychologist to join his medical team.

 Also, you can talk with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud and search for the appropriate surgery for your health condition to reach the best results without any difficulties or hassles.