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traditional Gastric sleeve Vs J shaped

J shape Gastric sleeve

The decision to lose excess weight and get rid of obesity is one of the bravest life decisions because it is a decision that shows that a person knows the right path to a better life, but the question always remains what are the ways to get rid of excess weight, and whether if the failure of the traditional methods such as regular exercise or a healthy diet turn the patient to lose hope of getting rid of obesity, or is there a magical and safe solution to weight loss without any risks to the body?

Is bariatric surgery the magic and safe solution to lose weight?
If you are suffering from being overweighed and have failed in all the traditional and well-known methods such as exercising regularly or following a firm diet, then bariatric surgery is your magic and safe solution to get rid of obesity. This is because multiple bariatric surgeries guarantee you to lose weight at a high, fast, and healthy rate while avoiding the return of excess weight, especially when performing the gastric sleeve surgery with J shape, which is distinguished by Dr. Heikal Mahmoud.

What is a J shape Gastric sleeve?
Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is unique in performing the Gastric Sleeve in the latest methods and techniques, which is called the J shape Gastric Sleeve, this technique targets weight loss without the occurrence of body weakness. Therefore the patient does not need to take vitamins for more than two or three months at the most, and this technique is also characterized by ensuring that the weight gain does not go back again by doing a double Gastric Sleeve.

Why the patient doesn't need to take vitamins after the J Shaped gastric sleeve with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud?
Dr. Heikal Mahmoud performs a J shape Gastric sleeve by cutting a part of the stomach in the shape of the letter J, leaving the part which is responsible for absorbing vitamins and elements necessary for the body from the food eaten, so the body retains all the necessary elements and does not go through weakness, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, and hair fall after the significant weight loss. Thus the J shape gastric sleeve technique combines weight loss and maintaining body health.

How does the J shaped gastric sleeve guarantee the non-return of gaining weight again?
The J shape gastric sleeve method ensures that you will not gain weight again because of the double gastric sleeve and the use of the latest tools, such as the fine staples with a diameter of 1.5 cm, which ensures the non-return of gaining weight. 

Is a J Shape Sleeve different from a regular gastric sleeve?
The J shape technique is distinguished from the usual gastric sleeve in several advantages:

-  There is no need to take vitamins for more than two or three months at most.
- The body does not reach a state of weakness, hair loss, or the appearance of dark circles under the eyes after losing excess weight.
- J shaped technique ensures that the weight gain will not occur again because Dr. Heikal Mahmoud performs the double Gastric sleeve.