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My life has changed with Gastric Bypass

diabetic obese pateient

Gastric bypass is the defining point in my life. It is the step that changed my life and turned it from black to colored. Here we will talk together about the importance of Gastric Bypass surgery in changing the lives of obese patients, both in physical and psychological issues.

First: What is Gastric Bypass surgery?
It is one of the bariatric surgeries that aim to lose weight and get rid of obesity. It is done laparoscopically by separating part of the stomach and diverting the intestine after bypassing the first section of the intestine. Food and sugars are then less absorbed. The surgery is performed through four small incisions, each incision not exceeding 2 cm in length. And through this surgery, the hunger hormone in the stomach is eliminated.

This surgery is the ideal solution for every obese patient suffering from type 2 diabetes, or having a body mass index of more than 35 or 40 associated with the presence of other diseases such as elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and bone diseases.

Second: Are there advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Of course, this technique is one of the first discoveries in bariatric surgeries, which guarantees to obtain the best results from getting rid of the accumulated fat and obesity-related diseases. In addition, with this endoscopic technique, the hospital stay does not exceed one day. The pain is much less than open surgeries and the recovery period is very short, and the patient may return to his dail life after a maximum of five days.

Also, with this technique, the absorption of sugars from food decreases, and accordingly, the blood glucose level decreases, and then type 2 diabetes is gradually cured. Thus, it becomes clear to us the importance of gastric bypass surgery, as this technique helps the patient in getting rid of obesity and all diseases related to the accumulation of fat in the body.

Third: My story with Gastric Bypass surgery:
My story began with excessive obesity, which almost ended my life due to the fat accumulation in the body. Those fats caused me to develop type 2 diabetes and breathing difficulty at night. These problems made my concentration during the day difficult, due to the lack of continuous sleeping at night and the obligatory commitment to the diabetic medications.

But after undergoing Gastric Bypass surgery with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud consultant of obesity and endoscopy, my life completely transformed from illness to health, from nightmares to happy dreams, from insomnia to sleep and rest at night, from depression to psychological comfort, from wearing dark colors to colorful and bright colors.

My life has been changed, thanks to the best surgeon in Egypt, Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, and the obvious difference in the picture between before and after gastric bypass surgery is the greatest evidence of the success of the surgery and the importance of this technique to all obese patients how are dreaming of reaching their ideal weight in a healthy way.