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Bikini Sleeve surgery

When a person complains of obesity, it means that he has reached a stage of frustration in trying to improve his health and psychological condition, especially after multiple attempts to organize his daily meals healthily and commit to exercise without success.

For all these reasons, a person resorts to making important and correct decisions, which is performing bariatric surgery to continue his life healthier with less weight.

There are many types of bariatric surgeries that are developing day by day, so that the obese patient does not feel pain, less bleeding, less recovery period, and achieving the ideal weight more quickly, and all these are achieved with an experienced and honest bariatric surgeon, who has a long history of success stories, especially with celebrities such as Dr. Heikal Mahmoud.

One of the most famous bariatric surgery recently is the Bikini Sleeve surgery, which is considered one of the Gastric Sleeve operations, but it has minor differences; we are going to know more details about it in this article.

Bikini sleeve:
It is a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy that relies on cutting from 70 to 80% of the stomach volume and getting rid of the part that contains the hormone ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone, but it is done at the bikini line below the abdomen, through two small invisible openings, without deep surgical openings, unlike the old and traditional methods. 

10 advantages of a Bikini Gastric Sleeve:
1- Getting a better shape by using only 2 small invisible openings.
2- Suitable for most cases, especially women.
3- Less bleeding.
4- Less recovery period.
5- The disappearance of any surgical scars very quickly.
6- Rapid weight loss without any complications.
7- Improved health conditions, such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
8- Gradual disappearance of shortness of breath during sleep.
9- Reducing the need for analgesics and anti-inflammatories to treat arthritis pain.
10- Increasing self-confidence and psychological state in general.

Is the Bikini Sleeve surgery suitable for a person with a height of 190 cm?
Unfortunately, the bikini sleeve surgery is not suitable for a person with a height of 190 cm, because the bikini line is far away from the stomach area, making it difficult to reach with the endoscope. Therefore the appropriate and safest solution for those who enjoy this length is Gastric Sleeve surgery which is safer for them.

Does the patient have the freedom to choose between Gastric Sleeve and Bikini Sleeve?
Choosing the type of operation is the choice of Dr. Heikal Mahmoud with the patient, because as we mentioned that some cases are not suitable for Bikini Sleeve, but at the same time the bikini sleeve is the best choice, especially for women, because the place is not apparent, and does not show any scars after healing wounds, as if the person did not resort to any surgery. That is because it is done through two small openings at the bikini line and another opening at the navel.

Gastric sleeve is suitable for many obese patients, but it is performed through 5 small incisions that do not exceed 1 cm in length in the abdominal area, and one of them is at the navel to insert the camera, and these openings may leave some small visible scars in the abdominal area.

Does the Bikini Sleeve surgery affect the reproductive ability of women?
The bikini sleeve surgery does not affect women or cause any harm to the uterus or ovaries. On the contrary, many of them resort to Bikini Sleeve Surgery or bariatric surgeries in general; to achieve their desire for motherhood, because obesity is one of the factors that lead to delayed childbearing for many cases, for both women and men.

Are there complications or risks that may occur during the Bikini Sleeve surgery?
The operation is very accurate and some special tools are used to pass through the intestines and cut part of the stomach as we mentioned before, so you should turn to a doctor who is experienced and highly qualified in various bariatric surgeries, and has many countless success stories like Dr. Heikal Mahmoud. You can verify this through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Tips after the Bikini Sleeve surgery:
1- Walking inside the room two hours after the operation to avoid clots due to sleeping for long periods, and we recommend repeating this every two hours.
2- Commitment to a healthy diet by following up with a nutritionist.
3- Do not drink water with meals to avoid stomach expansion or any complications.
4- Take vitamins regularly to avoid hair fall.
5- Drink water in large quantities to avoid constipation and also maintain skin elasticity.
6- Commitment to sports to tighten the skin sagging. 

Is there a possibility to gain weight again after the Bikini Sleeve?
This depends on the patient if he does not adhere to the healthy diet and returns to the old bad habits of eating large quantities of unhealthy fast food, which contain a high percentage of fats and starches, in addition to his neglect of walking and sports, the stomach will expand again and he does not feel full quickly as happened after the operation, and therefore weight gain may happen and the person may resort to a Redo Bariatric surgery, so the best for the person is to continue maintaining the operation result, and he should be keen from time to time to follow his weight.

Eating after the Bikini Sleeve surgery:
Some think that the obese patient after undergoing the bikini sleeve, or any bariatric surgery in general, will depend on some limited meals prescribed by the nutritionist for his whole life, but this information is incorrect because this will happen temporarily, i.e. about the first 3 months after the operation, and then the person can eat very normally, but in very limited quantities, because the surgery helps to get rid of a large part of the stomach size that contains the hormone hunger or ghrelin, and thus a smaller stomach size and a quick feeling of fullness, and therefore a rapid drop in weight without any complications affecting overall health.

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