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Obesity is one of the most serious diseases that affect elderly people as well as the young. That is related to the fact that excess weight does not happen only from an increased amount of eating, but also it can occur from multiple reasons such as, eating fast foods which contain harmful fats, absence of regular exercises, after pregnancy and childbirth, so many people may resort to following some traditional solutions, such as maintaining healthy diets, taking medication and drugs that help in burning fats or applying other methods that require a long time to get rid of excess weight. 

However, tremendous development has been achieved in the technology of plastic surgery, bariatric surgery has become the perfect solution to safely get rid of obesity and give quick and safe results.

What are the causes of obesity?
- Too much eating processed foods that contain high levels of harmful fat.
- Excessive intake of sweets, sugars, and food that contains a high percentage of carbohydrates such as; rice and pasta that leads to weight gain.
- Excessive consumption of soft drinks significantly increases the risk of obesity.
- Not practicing sports regularly and being physically lazy and inactive lead to significant weight gain.
- Sleep irregularity and inability to relax can stimulate the secretion of one of the hormones that increases appetite and hunger, which is called Ghrelin.
- The genetic factor is one of the most important causes of weight gain, resulting from a family history of obesity.

What are the most important pathological problems caused by obesity?
- Obesity can be the reason for developing type 2 Diabetes. That is due to the accumulation of triglycerides and cholesterol, resulting in an imbalance in the secretion of insulin in the blood.
 - Obesity can cause a person to develop high blood pressure.
- Obesity can cause angina and heart attacks.
- Obesity can cause people to develop many stones in the body.
- Obesity can cause many problems in the kidneys and liver.
- Obesity can cause many problems in the joints and bones.
- Obesity can cause people to suffer from many psychological problems such as depression, lack of self-confidence, and nervous tension.
- Obesity can cause delayed pregnancy in some women, as a result of the formation of abdominal fat, which leads to hormonal imbalance.

What are the latest methods and techniques which are performed by surgeon Dr. Heikal Mahmoud to get rid of excess weight?
- Gastric Sleeve
- Gastric Bypass Surgery
- Sasi Bypass
- Smart Capsule.

What is the Gastric Sleeve?
The Gastric Sleeve operation is one of the most widespread obesity surgeries, in which the surgeon Dr. Heikal Mahmoud cuts about 80% of the size of the stomach and therefore the size of the stomach decreases, and the person is satisfied faster with fewer food quantities, resulting in safe and gradual weight loss healthily.

What is the J-shaped Gastric Sleeve that is characterized by Dr. Heikal Mahmoud?
Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is characterized by Gastric Sleeve surgery in the latest methods and techniques. He is the only and unique surgeon to perform the operation of Gastric Sleeve surgery with the J-shape. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud cuts the stomach in the form of a letter J, leaving the part that contains the muscles, which are responsible for absorbing vitamins and necessary elements from food, which prevents the occurrence of body weakness after weight loss and also prevents hair fall after the operation.

What are the advantages of the J-shaped Gastric Sleeve?
- You do not have to take vitamins more than 3 months after the J-shaped Gastric Sleeve.
- After losing a lot of weight and reaching the ideal weight, you will look very healthy and your body will not appear thin or weak.
-You will not suffer from the appearance of the dark circles under the eye area after the J-shaped Gastric Sleeve.
- Avoiding hair loss due to lack or absence of vitamins and elements that are necessary for the body after the operation of the J-shaped Gastric Sleeve.
-There is no return to weight gain after reaching the ideal weight with the J-shaped Gastric Sleeve.
- Overcoming persistent hunger and feeling full most of the time, which facilitates the weight loss of the body safely and rapidly.

What are the steps of the J-shaped Gastric Sleeve that Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is characterized by?
1- The surgeon Dr. Heikal Mahmoud begins the step of anesthesia using total anesthesia in the operation of the Gastric Sleeve.
2- The surgeon makes some small incisions in the abdominal area, each one of them does not exceed 1 cm in diameter. These incisions are used to insert a medical endoscope with a fine diameter to the abdomen.
3- There is a small laparoscopic camera that sends a picture to the display inside the operating room. These images enable the surgeon to see everything inside the abdomen, including the stomach and the intestine.
4- The surgeon precisely directs the medical endoscope and the medical instruments inside the stomach using the image displayed in front of him on the screen.
5- The surgeon cuts about 60-80% of the stomach according to the patient's condition. Then the stomach becomes in the shape of the letter J with its new size.
6- The surgeon staples the stomach using the latest international staplers and 1.5 cm diameter staples, which increases the safety rate of the operation.
7- The surgeon undergoes a very important step which is performing the infusion test immediately after the stomach is stapled, by pumping a suitable safe substance in the stomach and monitoring its exit or non-exit outside via a display screen in front of him. This step is done to be sure that there is no leakage and to examine the durability of the staple process.
8- The surgeon Dr. Heikal Mahmoud removes the surgical instruments, closes the incisions, and ends the surgery with complete safety.

What are Dr. Heikal Mahmoud's ways to get rid of pain after the J-shaped Gastric Sleeve surgery?
Surgeon Dr. Heikal Mahmoud installs a pain control device immediately after the Gastric Sleeve surgery, which is called the PCA device.

This device is used by the patient undergoing Gastric Sleeve surgery, which is easy to use, when the patient feels pain, he can get a specific and safe dose of analgesics just by pressing the button in the device, and this is useful to get quick relief from any potential pain that might happen suddenly.

In this way, the recovery period after Gastric Sleeve passes safely and simply without any possibility of feeling unlikely pain.

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