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The Smart Capsule

Bariatric surgeries are the most common solution for obese people, whose body mass index is over 30 and who are suffering from many complications of obesity such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels, shortness of breath, inflammation, and joint pain. 

Indeed, the obese patients' wishes are fulfilled through bariatric surgeries such as Gastric Sleeve (the J shape technique), Gastric Bypass, Sasi, and many other advanced operations such as the bikini sleeve and micro sleeve gastrectomy. These different surgeries had helped a lot of people in achieving the ideal weight and getting rid of all their health problems.

Many famous obese patients have fulfilled their wishes with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud and they are now enjoying good health. In addition to many success stories on his social media pages, as they always talk about how their healthy and mental lives have changed for the better without showing any sign of physical weakness or laziness. 

Not only obese patients who suffer from an increase of 30 kg in weight have solutions to get rid of that extra weight, but also those who are slightly overweight about 15-20 kg, who are looking for solutions other than healthy diet and sports because many fail to achieve the ideal weight despite going to many nutritionists and following different diet regimes, as they soon return to gain weight again. 

What is the solution to treat simple weight gain for these people?
The solution is in the Smart Capsule. In this article, we will know more details about it and its features and you will get the answers to all the questions that are on your mind.

Smart Capsule:
1- An American-made capsule that is internationally authorized for use in bariatric surgeons' clinics.
2- It is also called the Programmed Capsule.
3- It helps to lose about 15-20 kg, as we have just mentioned.
4- It is swallowed by a glass of water like any capsule.
5- No surgical intervention, anesthesia, or the use of an endoscope is required.

How does the Smart Capsule help in losing weight?
The Smart Capsule is filled with a specific liquid through a thin tube connected to the capsule, and after the capsule is inflated, the valve is disconnected and pulled through the mouth. When the capsule reaches the stomach, it becomes in the form of a stomach balloon filling up a large area of the stomach size, so the person feels quickly filled with the least amounts of food.

Smart Capsule disposal:
The effect of the Smart Capsule occurs after its stability in the stomach for 4 months, after which the capsule automatically decomposes and the body naturally disposes it through the stool, so there is no need to worry about this technique because there is no surgical intervention needed to get rid of the Smart Capsule.

Other Smart Capsule Candidates:
Smart Capsule is allowed for children and the elderly because the health and physical condition of those age stages do not allow any surgical operations to avoid any risks to them.

People who are not  good candidates for Smart Capsule use:
1- Obese patients.
2- People with stomach and esophageal disorders.
3- Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
4- Women who plan to become pregnant within the next three months. 

Choosing the right doctor to perform the Smart Capsule procedure:
1- The doctor who has experience in selecting the appropriate operations for obese patients.
2- The doctor who has many success stories.
3- The doctor who looks forward to all that is new in eliminating obesity.
4- The presence of a unique medical team.
5- The doctor who has continuous attention and follow-up with his patient after the Smart Capsule procedure.

Smart Capsule outcomes:
1- Achieving the ideal weight and getting rid of simple obesity.
2- Increasing self-confidence.
3- Increasing reproductive opportunities.
4- Helping the person to adhere to a healthy diet.
5- Reducing a person's possibility of developing certain chronic diseases as a result of excess weight, such as diabetes, hypertension, high blood sugar, and heart disease.

Why is the Smart Capsule unsuitable for obese patients?
Some obese patients are afraid of going to surgeries, despite their development to use endoscopes to speed up recovery and reduce bleeding and pain, so they ask the bariatric surgeon to resort to the Smart Capsule as a better solution than bariatric operations, but the Smart Capsule is not suitable for obese patients at all, as it will only reduce 15-20 kg of weight, and many need to reduce from 30-40 kg or more, so the obese patient will resort to the Smart Capsule again, which is very expensive because he will pay the cost twice a time, in addition to a large percentage of weight gain occurrence again, and even more. 

Therefore, the appropriate solution for obese patients is one of the obesity operations, which can be determined by Dr. Heikal Mahmoud according to the case of each patient.

Is there a possibility of gaining weight again after the Smart Capsule decomposition?
The smart Capsule decomposes after 4 months and is excreted through the stool naturally, requiring no anesthetics or endoscopy. However, if the person does not comply with a doctor's instructions, or commits to a healthy diet and regular sports to maintain the weight he has achieved, there is a risk of gaining weight again.

Is the Smart Capsule suitable for people with localized obesity?
Local obesity is the accumulation of fats in some areas of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, legs, face, and neck. Getting rid of these localized fats can be achieved through regular exercise with attention to healthy eating, or using devices such as liposuction and body carving. But the Smart Capsule's role is to lose the slight increase in weight and has nothing to do with reshaping the body or getting rid of localized fat.

The difference between the Gastric Balloon and the Smart Capsule:
1- The Gastric Balloon needs general anesthesia, while the Smart Capsule does not need anesthesia.
2- The Gastric Balloon is preceded endoscopically, but the Smart Capsule enters the stomach by swallowing with water only.
3- The Gastric Balloon lasts for 6 months and is removed laparoscopically, but the Smart Capsule dissolves after 4 months and is discarded naturally through the stool.
4- The Gastric Balloon causes some stomach pain and some health problems, but the Smart Capsule is made of high quality natural materials and does not cause any health problems.

Some of the rare side effects of the Smart Capsule:
The smart Capsule has no risks, but if a person depends on a doctor who does not have enough experience in obesity surgeries and cannot deal with all the difficulties, some side effects can occur such as:

1- Reflux.
2- The possibility of developing a stomach ulcer.
3- Some stomach pains.
4- A very low risk of intestinal obstruction as a result of fluid leakage from the balloon.
5- Indigestion.
6- Constipation, diarrhea, or flatulence.

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