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Mini Gastric Sleeve

Most obese patients suffer from difficulty in movement due to an increase in body weight that exceeds the normal limits. Others suffer from respiratory problems and sleep apnea due to the accumulation of fat and its pressure on the lungs and heart, and there are many other problems caused by obesity such as arthritis, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which may cause atherosclerosis and finally type 2 diabetes.

All these complications prevent obese patients from living normally and practicing their favorite hobbies and sports and even may cause delayed childbearing or infertility for men, due to their impact on the number and health of sperms.

Obesity has been considered one of the most serious and widespread diseases that must be dealt with seriously to get rid of it and its dangerous complications, as it is considered one of the most famous diseases that cause death, so after raising awareness of the risks of obesity, the trend of many patients has become centered around how to be treated, so some resort to complex diets that prevent eating a lot of foods, especially those containing sugars and relying on food that contains fibers and drinking large amounts of water, this method did not work with all the patients who followed it, as it may help them lose several kilograms, but the results were not satisfactory and did not help in getting rid of obesity complications.

Some patients followed other methods, such as taking certain medications to help lose weight, others tended to exercise continuously or follow other different methods, but none of these methods succeeded to achieve the required results. The best and most effective solution to eliminate the problem of obesity and its sequels is bariatric surgeries, such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

Types of bariatric surgeries:
After the emergence of bariatric surgeries and proving their effectiveness against obesity, doctors have been interested in updating these operations to get the best results. The choice of one of these new bariatric surgeries depends on the patient’s health state and his eating habits, and we now have many successful bariatric surgeries such as:

1- Gastric Sleeve. 
2- Banded Gastric Sleeve.
3- Bikini Gastric Sleeve.
4- Mini Gastric Sleeve.
5- Gastric Bypass surgery.
6- Sasi Bypass Surgery.

And here we will talk about the Mini Gastric Sleeve, which made the sleeve gastrectomy operations the best in terms of results.

Mini Gastric Sleeve:
Mini Gastric Sleeve is a sleeve gastrectomy with the use of very precise surgical tools to perform the operation. The Gastric Sleeve Surgery is done through small openings not exceeding 2 cm and is usually from 3 to 5 openings through which the surgical endoscope is inserted and the operation is performed, at which more than 75% of the stomach body is removed, but in the Mini Gastric Sleeve, modern tools are used such as the micro endoscope, which does not exceed a thickness of 2 mm. The openings through which the Mini Gastric Sleeve is performed are smaller than the previous one, which gives it several advantages.

What are the advantages of the Mini Gastric Sleeve that differs from the Gastric Sleeve?
As we mentioned earlier, the use of a micro endoscope which made the size of the operation openings much smaller, added several other advantages, including:

1- The pain after the operation became much less due to the small size of the operation holes.
2- Ease and speed of wound healing, as it does not need aesthetic procedure.
3- The recovery period has become shorter, as the patient can leave the hospital on the same day of the operation and return to his normal life after 1 or 2 days of the operation.
4- The Mini Gastric Sleeve does not leave any trace of the wound or scars after the operation, which is one of the most important points that many people, especially women, are looking for as they care about their body form after the operation.
5- There is no fear of bleeding using surgical tools such as scalpels.
6- The operation gives the same results as the Gastric Sleeve, as it helps the patient to lose more than 60% of his excess weight.
7- The body tissues surrounding the stomach are less damaged.
8- There is no need to undergo general anesthesia as the operation can be performed under the influence of local anesthesia, but this point is determined by the doctor in charge.
9- The operation helps you to recover from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels.

Who is suitable for the Mini Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
Mini Gastric Sleeve surgery is suitable for most obese patients, especially women, because of their keenness to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the body after the operation, without causing any scars or wounds.

It is also suitable for obese patients who eat large quantities because the surgery helps them to reduce the quantities of food. Gastric Sleeve operations do not suit people addicted to sweets and sugars, but performing a bypass operation is preferred, to reduce the body's ability to absorb sugars.

Mini Gastric Sleeve surgery can be performed for many obese patients, but this decision depends on the vision of the doctor in charge, as he has a professional look at choosing the most appropriate operation for the patient, and in case you do not suffer from stomach acidity or esophageal reflux and your age is between 18 and 65, Then you will be qualified to perform the Mini Gastric Sleeve.

What are the tips that should be followed after performing the surgery to ensure its success?
After the operation, the doctor advises resting on the first day without exerting any physical effort that causes pressure on the stomach. Then the doctor will write some dietary instructions and advice that you should follow, including:

1- In the first week after the operation, clear transparent liquids only should be taken.
2- During the second week, opaque liquids are taken.
3- In the third week, you can eat some mashed foods and proteins, besides drinking fluids.
4- In the fourth week, you can eat normally, but in small quantities and at intervals.
5- Daily exercising is a must to ensure weight loss and proper body recovery.
6- Take medications and vitamins that the doctor will prescribe.

You can now perform the Mini Gastric Sleeve at Dr. Heikal Mahmoud Center, as it is equipped with the latest devices and the best follow-up strategies after the operation, due to the availability of a medical team at the highest level of experience and skill.

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