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Single-Port Gastric Sleeve

Single-Port Gastric Sleeve is one of the modern techniques resulting from developmental technology in Gastric Sleeve surgery which is one of the most widespread bariatric surgeries, which is maintained to provide the best service and obtain the best results for the surgery.

Single-Port Gastric Sleeve aims to get closer to the patient’s comfort avoiding any anxiety, fear, or tension that may disturb him during or after surgery. 

In this article, we will talk about the definition of the gastric sleeve with the original and modern technology, clarify the difference between them, and declaring the importance of the gastric sleeve and the most important instructions that must be followed before and after surgery.

First: What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
Gastric Sleeve Surgery is one of the primary surgeries in bariatric surgeries that is performed laparoscopically through 5 surgical incisions, Where each opening has its use, there are two holes for the surgeon, one for the surgeon’s assistant and another hole for the camera so that the surgeon can observe everything that happens in the surgery through the monitor and its effect on the adjacent organs and finally another surgical opening to lift the liver from the stomach to facilitate the procedure of the surgical steps without causing any liver damage. And this technique is called the ordinary laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.

But recently, it has been found that many patients are looking for gastric sleeve surgery with fewer and invisible surgical wounds. Hence, doctors and surgeons began to work and research until they were able to undergo gastric sleeve surgery with a single opening. And this surgery is done through the navel opening through which all the surgical tools and the endoscope are inserted.

But this new technique is very difficult and cannot be succeeded by all surgeons, because it requires very high skill and efficiency that you can find with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud, as he can insert all the surgical tools and be able to perform the surgical steps without harming any of the adjacent organs.

Second: Are there advantages in Single-Port Gastric Sleeve over the normal technique?
Certainly, there are many advantages in this technique that exceed the old technique, which are: 

1- Less damage to body tissues because it is done through only one opening. 
2- Much less pain than the normal technique because there is only one incision.
3- The blood loss is much less than the normal technique because there is a single incision and less damage to the surrounding tissues.
4- Short recovery period and a quick return to normal life and daily tasks.
5- Less hospitalization period than normal surgery.
6- Quick healing of a single wound.
7- Preserving the aesthetic form after this technique, as there are no surgical wounds.

Third: Are there any disadvantages to the Single-Port Gastric Sleeve?
You should first check the surgeon's skill to avoid any complications, due to the difficulty of this surgery, as it is performed through only one incision, 

But in case any obstacles appear during the steps of the surgery, the surgeon needs to convert the operation from this technique to the normal laparoscopic technique and perform the surgery through 5 openings. Therefore, it is necessary to talk with the surgeon and agree to this solution in the event of any difficulties during the surgery to ensure the patient’s protection and safety.

Fourth: Is there a difference that this technique has made to the patient?
Of course, this technique has fulfilled many dreams for many obese patients to lose extra weight and reach their ideal weight. That is achieved by cutting about 80% of the size of the stomach to reduce the amount of food that the patient can eat. Also, the patient’s feeling of hunger is reduced after gastric sleeve surgery due to getting rid of the hunger hormone.

These wishes are achieved while maintaining the patient's aesthetic form without visible surgical wounds, thus keeping his confidentiality and privacy.

In terms of health and medical conditions, the patient will recover from all the diseases he suffers from due to excessive weight and obesity, which may include hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol level in the blood. Also, the surgery increases the chances of pregnancy in women and sexual ability in men, improves the mental state of the patient, and restores self-confidence.

Therefore, after gastric sleeve surgery, the patient begins a new life full of vitality and activity, free from accumulated fat and excess weight. He can eat small amounts of food and gradually losing his excess weight. And he can perform daily activities with ease, and he can exercise easily without any bone or joint pain.

Instructions after the Single-Port gastric sleeve surgery:
The patient must follow some instructions of his surgeon to ensure the success of the surgery and to obtain the best results. These instructions include:
1- Follow the gradual diet prescribed by the doctor after surgery, to prepare the stomach for food after surgery.
2-Exercise gradually to reduce the occurrence of sagging in the skin and the appearance of cellulite.
3- Continuous follow-up with the surgeon who follow-up your weight loss rate and answer all your questions.
4- Avoid sugars and excess salt in food.
5- Avoid eating large quantities that may exceed the stomach's tolerance.
6- Continuing to drink water and fluids in sufficient quantities, for about 3 liters per day, to hydrate the body and improve its blood circulation and digestion process.
7- Eating foods that contain collagen and elastin, such as cheese, milk, legumes, and nuts, to maintain skin elasticity and reduce skin sagging.
8-Applying creams rich in vitamin A, C, E to moisturize the skin and increase collagen production, which acts to improve skin elasticity and to prevent sagging.

The patient should be informed that the step of the Single-Port Gastric surgery with Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is one of the steps to get rid of excess weight and remove the burden of obesity, as he still has a lot to follow after the surgery for its success and to reach the ideal weight.

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