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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide patients with the best methods of treatment using the latest existing technology to get the best results after bariatric surgeries. Also, we aim to provide the highest standards of care and safety and provide the best solutions for patients and what suits them. Dr. Heikal Mahmoud is distinguished by his extensive experience and skill, which ensures that the patient has the desired results. We aim to help obese patients get rid of this problem and improve the general and psychological health of the patient and provide i...

About Us

Dr. Heikal Mahmoud was not satisfied with being a highly skilled and experienced bariatric surgeon. So he decided to leave his mark in the world of bariatric surgery by developing exceptional techniques for the benefit of his patients, the most important of which is the J-shape Gastric Sleeve.
Dr. Heikal believes that the real distinction is working to improve the quality of life of an obese patient and help him reach the ideal weight. It is worth noting that Dr. Heikal cares a lot about the younger generations because not all obese patients are adults, but they may be children.
Healthy lives and new generations without obesity are the main drives and goals of Dr. Heikal as a bariatric surgeon.
Dr. Heikal also believes that the best bariatric surgeon is the one who wants the best for his patients and seeks to achieve this with all his knowledge, skill, and experience.
With Dr. Heikal Mahmoud only; There are always new ways and new techniques to achieve amazing results!

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Dr. Heikal Mahmoud introduced the J Shape Gastric Sleeve technique


Multiple success stories


The modern technology with the best skills


A pioneer for new generations without obesity

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Dr. Heikal Mahmoud has the highest views on Facebook videos. Some videos have achieved 56.2 thousand views.


Success stories of Dr. Heikal Mahmoud

Dr. Heikal Mahmoud has the honor to perfrorm nearly 3000 success stories in bariatric surgeries

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